Monday, July 1, 2013

June 24, 2013

 First off, I hope you all watched the Work of Salvation broadcast yesterday. If you didn't, it's on already and you NEED to watch it. Drew, that goes for you too, yes I know its two hours, but its amazing and it'll help you prepare for your own mission. We don't yet have everything they said they will phase in, but this mission is one of the first to get new technology (such as TIWI D: ) so we'll probably get them here pretty soon. We're all pretty excited.
I'm so glad that they told us tracting is ineffective, we've been trying to tell our Ward Council here that, but they are almost all converts who were found by tracting. So they didn't believe us, now they do.
 Mom, can you send me Chris' letters? I've been re-reading the mission rules and I don't think I'm supposed to be checking the blog even though it is just his letters. I asked him a few weeks ago to send them to me, but he hasn't yet. Also I know you said JJ wants to hear from us, but I don't know his email, could you send it to me? Also, it sounded like something was up with him.  Are things ok?
 I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Marvin. I'm sure that Aunt Dee will understand and know you're there in spirit though.  I'm so glad to know that Families are Forever though, it does help so much when we recognize that. That was fast though.  I hope he did not suffer too much.  Is Tina doing ok?
 Dad, I'm sorry I can't say I remember much of the layout myself of that Scout Camp. Do you know why there's so many changes though? It seems a little strange to change it so suddenly.
 I'm still riding a bike (and no, it never stops hurting) but not so much the bus. If I'm still here next Monday I don't think I'll buy a bus pass for next month, we don't use them enough. We might still buy bus tickets though. Biking is getting easier, but we have horrible bikes so that's probably why its still hard. Elder Dewey and I are getting good at fixing bikes though.
 We're also finally seeing progress for Khosi. We got some of the YSA to invite his sister to sports night, and they went above and beyond. She wants to come to church as well now. Its awesome how we started to focus on working through members and then the broadcast came the next Sunday. Must be inspired ;)
 We've also been trying to find ways to use family history. We haven't heard back yet, but someone is re-making an old card that missionaries used to give members so they could invite people to do family history and learn why we do it.
Elder B. Warner

June 21, 2013 - Notice from Mission Office

Hello AMAZING Canada Toronto Missionaries + AMAZING Parents of our Canada Toronto Missionaries – President Scott asked me to notify you of our upcoming holiday, Canada Day, falling on our normal P-Day – Monday, July 1st.  This is also a transfer week (19 arriving and 10 departing) for us which requires moving P-Day/e-mailing from Monday, July 1st to Wednesday, July 3rd   Our missionaries use public places – libraries, etc to email and they are closed on holidays! We love and appreciate your missionary and want to keep you informed about changes in our mission routine.  Thank you for your continued support and love! Sister CaldwellMission Secretary

June 15, 2013

I got the presents. It was outside our door when we came back for zone conference. Thanks for everything, especially the sketchbook and the pictures.
I don't think I've emailed JJ, I don't know what his email is, but if he sends me one, or you give me his email address I'll send some. Anyone else who wants emails should send me theirs as well.  I don't hear from many other than you two and Drew.  I would love to get letters or emails from others.
It was a fun week. We had zone conference on Tuesday and were in London on Monday so we couldn't work in our area until Wednesday. Then we blitzed our area with the Zone Leaders and went on exchanges the next day. We were able to teach a lot of really great lessons. The only problem is nobody is finding any new investigators. We've started applying the 'teach when you find' principle, but that weeds out the unprepared fast and nobody has accepted a return appointment yet.
Zone Conference was awesome though. We talked about how to work with the Ward Council more and also a lot about how the church is organized. President Scott said he's not sure why he felt we needed to learn about that, and I don't quite know either, but I'm sure I'll be able to use it later on. It was also fun to see so many other missionaries and to hear their stories.
Dad, what was the best way you found new investigators? Our members here always tell us they don't know anyone and the people we're finding won't accept any return appointments or come to church. I don't know what we're doing wrong.
Elder B. Warner

June 9, 2013

Hello Everyone!
 Dad, thanks for the advice! We'll see what we can do, we think we know the specific concern of this LA now. We just don't know how to adress it. We we're able to go over the Baptismal Interview Questions with her son Khosi though. So he could be part of the June Harvest! Windsor North reaps two!
 I can't remember if I've mentioned the Harvest before. Every year in June President Scott sets a goal for how many baptisms we can get that month, this year its 60 as a mission. We're hoping to hit 14 as a zone, 1 for each area. We think he does it in June because that's his birthday. And the best Missionary Present is a Baptism (or a tie).
 We love the ward here, and we think we've finally earned their trust. Bishop Konopaski asked us to participate in ward council more and to assign people to work with us if we needed to. We also have found two Part-Member Families that moved in and never changed their records. One of them wants us to come over for dinner on Wednesday! Things are looking up!
 Sorry I'm sending this so late, but we've got Zone Conference in Kitchener tomorrow so we had to come to London today and the computers weren't working. London reminds me so much of home, there's about 5 wards and 1 Branch here and 6 companinonships. Our District has 2 Branches, 1 Ward and 4 companionships each in a different city, so its a little different here.
 Because we ride the buses in our area and we're in London today, I haven't been able to pick up the package yet, I'm hoping to get home from Zone Conference early enough tomorrow to get it, but Kitchener is pretty far away. I'm sending a snail-mail letter later this week though, so I'll tell you if I've got it when I send that.
Elder B. Warner

Note:  The snail mail was not really a letter so I did not post it.  It was a drawing of Nephi that I will try to figure out how to scan and post later.

June 3, 2013

Hello Everyone!
 Dad, Borg? You said getting your implant (ICD / Pacemaker) makes you the Borg? Why can't we just be normal cyborgs? Aren't the Borg evil, or am I lacking in Star Trek knowledge? We are teaching about 6 people, although only 2 very often. One of the people we were teaching doesn't want to meet with us because Elder Smith and I didn't tell him our first names when we met a few weeks ago... I'm really unsure how to solve his concern, but we'll be on exchanges tomorrow and Elders Dewey and Badillo are going to stop by, so maybe we'll start teaching him again. Do you how to motivate Less-Actives? We have one Sister whose son isn't baptized because she doesn't wake up in time for church. The son has been taught all the lessons about 4 times in two years, but they never quite make it to church.
 I spoke too soon when I said it was warmer. Do you remember the saying "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." Its true here, it will pour for about five minutes, then be so bright you can't see, and then the humidity makes it so hot. But we've learned to keep an umbrella with us all the time so we don't get soaked. Our bikes are slowly getting better, we've heard that after a month you can't feel it anymore so we've got about a week and a half left until that point.
 I'm glad they figured it out with UPS, I got a call earlier this week asking for someone who could authorize a package for customs, maybe that's why you got an e-mail. I'll tell you if I hear anything else though.
The most interesting thing happened this week. We found a part-member family that the ward didn't know about! We were also able to take a few more members teaching with us than normal, including a less active member. It's so exciting to see more and more of the LAs come back to the ward. Now we just hope President Sandor's talk was able to motivate more people.
Dad, did you work with ward missionaries much on your mission? How did you use them? We're trying to find ways to help them, but we don't have a whole lot right now.
Benjamin Warner

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

 Me and Elder Dewey get along great! His Dad is actually an artist for the church so we talk about art a lot. He was training Elder Harr's for the first half of last transfer and then Elder Harr's went home, so he served with the Zone Leaders for the rest of the transfer. My second MTC companion, Elder Karl, is still in the mission though so that is good. Technically I'm still in training, but since both of my companions have been District Leaders I have to do a lot of planning on my own, So I feel like I'm not a trainee anymore.
 That's so cool that Chris gets to go to the temple. Do you know how often he'll get that chance? We only get to twice a year, if we're within an hour of the Brampton temple at the time. I really wish we had the chance more often here, it would help having so much time to feel the spirit of the temple.
That is neat that Brother and Sister Tolman are home.  We love the office missionaries, they're pretty much our parents while we're out here. Although not having a car area, we don't hear from them much. They did call us instead of Windsor South once and told us to get an oil change. It was funny when they realized they called us instead. Elder Ree's said that we didn't actually need to change the oil on our bus. And here I thought it was a great service opportunity.
 I'm glad to know that Dad's doing better, is there really no one else who can work on the pump though? It sounds like Dad though thinking he can do everything himself.   Tell Drew Happy Birthday for me, I can't remember if I did last week.  I know you will laugh, but I actually really miss Drew.  Engineering State sounds fun, tell him to buy the 2.5 gallons of Aggie Blue Mint Ice Cream for me! The Tradition must go on!  Has he finished his Eagle yet? He just had the project to do right? Sounds like he might have to get a new project if that lady keeps putting it off.  That would be frustrating.
 Tell everyone hello for me today at the BBQ. I wish we could have BBQ's here, but it probably wouldn't be safe in an apartment. We always have perogies though...Speaking of food, what do you do with corned beef?  I know you cooked it, but I honestly can't say I remember how or what you did with it. We found some in our freezer, but we have no idea what to do with it.
 Send me pictures! 
Elder Benjamin Warner

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013

Hello :D
First off, I'm still in the same area! But my companion, Elder Smith, was transferred to the Don Mills South Area. So my follow-up trainer is Elder Cameron Dewey. He was actually training my MTC companion that went home last transfer. He's originally from London, England and his family moved to Alberta, Canada a few years ago. He's pretty awesome and his Dad has done alot of artwork for the church so we have alot to talk about. It's amazing how working with someone fresh to the area is though. We already have 2 new investigators this week, 2 member presents, and a Referral Present Lesson, and its only been two days! Our new investigators are both pretty cool. Khosi is 9 years old, his mother Sibo moved to Canada from Zimbabwe and was baptized in 2006. We don't know why she's not coming to church yet, but she says she wants to come. We tried to set Khosi with a baptismal date, or at least a goal to shoot for, yesterday but she wouldn't let us yet. We don't know too much about our other new investigator other than she's friends with one of the Less-Actives were working with.
About 90% of the mission was transferred this time, which doesn't happen often. We only have 3 members of my original district here and only 2 of us stayed in the same area. District Meeting is going to be so weird this week. One of our Zone Leaders just finished his last transfer as well, so he's going back to Brazil this week. 
Speaking of hard talks to find, do you know any by the 'Swearing Apostle' J. Golden Kimball? One of the Elders managed to get a recording of one somehow and its apparently pretty awesome. Other than that any talks you find on the lessons in Preach My Gospel would be appreciated, I'm trying to learn as much about every one of them as I can, but lesson 4 has such short sections. Actually do you know any talks that talk about the importance of setting goals?
I'll be praying for you Dad, I love you and I know that the Lord loves you as well. Happy Birthday Drew, how does it feel to be 17 finally? Don't worry, you'll be here in Toronto soon enough ;) Chris got some knives? That's awesome! Elder Smith said he's going to send me his when he 'dies' so I can use it as my letter opener.
Thanks Mom :) I'm sure its a great present. Skittle Tithing sounds fun, maybe I'll use it when we teach Khosi about tithing. Tell Kenzie and Jordan congratulations! 
Elder Benjamin Warner

May 13, 20`3

Hey Dad, Do you know if any of my cousins have served a mission in Paraguay? One of the YSA leaders in the ward said he had an Elder Warner as one of his companions when he served there. 

May 6, 2013 - A little out of order (sorry)

Hey Dad, 
That's really cool! I think I've heard most of those stories about your parents joining the church before, but I didn't realize they knew about the LDS church before they started going there. I always thought they didn't like the others and hadn't heard of that one. How is Chris doing, he's sent me a few emails, but just a couple lines each.  I was also wondering how much you teach during priesthood? I know there's certain things they want you to teach, but I was wondering if you could read Preach My Gospel chapter 13 and teach that to the young men? It seems like all our leaders and most of General Conference are pushing Member Missionary Work. 
I love it here. I feel like I've already learned so much, but I also know just how much more there is to learn. I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with our zone leaders this week and they know so much. Elder de Moura is going home at the end of the transfer which is sad, I feel like I could learn so much from him, and despite being from Brazil he knows a lot of the games I played at home and played a few of them himself. Elder Gedlaman is still here for a while though. He's a machine. We had a few appointments bomb or go short while he was here so we went street contacting. He talks to literally everyone, even when I told him we'd talked to someone before and they weren't at all interested. He's also go eyes like a hawk, there were about 5 different home we walked past and I didn't notice anyone, but he went right up to the porch and started talking to someone. How he can see that well with the sun in his eyes beats me. 
Elder Benjamin Warner

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hey Mom,
 First off, we apparently don't have p-day until wednesday next week because of a canadian holiday and transfers. So don't worry when you don't get anything until then.
 It was good to hear how everyone at home was doing, everyone mostly just asks me questions instead of saying how their doing in their emails. I guess I say more in emails and letters because I have more time to think about what I'm saying and remember what else I need to say. Like I forgot to tell you yesterday that the Golden Investigator we lost, he had already moved into the other area anyways. Also, could you ask Drew what 'Repent and Do Better' would be in Latin? We came up with a Windsor Missionary Coat of Arms and wanted to put it on there.
 As for Drew and Cheyne, I think they'll be ok. Cheyne seems smart and understanding. I guess just help him stay away from bad situations. But I also won't tell Drew about the missionaries whose girlfriends have converted while they're gone, just in case.
 Less-Actives can go both ways, it usually just depends on why they don't come to church. We actually visited some yesterday who just didn't like some of the people in the ward and now that they know there's a lot of newer people they said they'd come back. Another family we've visited just needs to be visited during the week and they show up that week, we're trying to find a way to get them to come all the time though. The hardest person to work with so far is Wayne-Alexander. He's the one I mentioned that was supposed to leave on a mission. His main problem is that he feels like he can't give 100% so its not worth giving any. He wants to, but he feels like he can't. I think I'm going to talk to Elder Smith and see if he knows any good missionary stories that could help motivate Wayne, but other than visiting him a couple times a week, we don't know how to help him.
 We can read the Ensign and other talks, but I think the only actual books are the ones in the Missionary Library and the Priesthood manuals for church. The only talk I know for sure I want is Character of Christ, but it sounds like we can't get that one so I'll tell you any more I think of later.
 I think telling Chris to send longer letters worked, he sent me a whole paragraph today. ;) Can you send me a link to the blog so I can read Chris emails? 
Elder Benjamin Warner.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hey Mom :D,
 First off, Elder Smith's Mom asked for your number. She likes talking to his companions families apparently. I told him the Home Phone #, so expect a call from Orem I guess?
 I think you spelled it right. Why is the 4th day of a month that always works in a sentence? March Fourth (March Forth!) and May the 4th be with you :D Don't be surprised that you can't drag him away from Skyrim. You remember how much the games I play have side-quests? Skyrim practically is side-quests and I think they're still updating it with more. You may have to hide the laptop cords to get him to do anything else.
 I haven't received any letters or packages yet actually, not even at zone mail when we get anything sent to the mission office. Are you using international stamps? I had to get special ones to send you letters. I think the MTC said foreign mail takes 3 stamps if you use regular ones though. If you send anything this week or next send it to the mission office, transfers are coming up and there's always a chance, however small, that I get sent to a different area to finish my training. I also have a few things I think you should look up in regards to missionary work. When you get a chance you should read Preach My Gospel chapter 13, its all about member missionary work. And last but not least there's a talk I would like you to look up. I think it is called Bill Carpenter Conversion Story. It's awesome, especially near the end when he talks about one of his investigators Patriarchal Blessing.
 I think I heard they were engaged before I left, if not it was at least assumed they would be soon. I don't really know either of them that well, but its definitely not a couple I would have guessed when I knew either of them.
 For mothers day we should actually be able to Skype. You need to create two Skype accounts, one for you and one for me. I will be able to call for 5 minutes on Saturday to find out the Username and password for mine and set up what time we'll be Skyping on Sunday. I'll try to remember that I'm a couple hours ahead here. We already know which members house we're going to, we just don't have a definite time yet.
 In mission news, my area actually shifted over a few streets on Saturday. The members in our ward don't think they feed us enough and complained to President Scott. I'm not sure how I feel about that, especially since we lost a Golden investigator and our chance to hit the Standards of Excellence this week because of it. I guess it gives Windsor South a chance to do better though.
 Church was pretty great yesterday. We have an investigator named Linda, who Elder Smith has been working with since December. She and Her soon-to-be-Husband FINALLY came to church this week. She said she liked it and will be coming back, I just hope that if Mark doesn't want to come she will anyways. He's been a member forever but he's less-active and sort of bi-polar when it comes to the church. I read his teaching record from 2008 and 2010 (Yes he has two, there's a long story there. Short version is someone didn't check records and he's been taught and baptized twice) He seems to do well and then see something on TV that just shatters his testimony and then he stops coming. Missionaries stop by a few months later and he's ready to come and learn again. And the cycle repeats. I hope when Linda is baptized she'll be a support for him to come back and gain a stronger testimony. 
 Our other investigators are doing ok. Valerie has been progressing, but she decided she had something more important than church this week. And when we last taught her, it seems like she doesn't understand Priesthood Authority and that she needs to be baptized by someone with that instead of any random church's priest. We're hoping to meet with Wayne this week, but we probably have to cut next weeks p-day short so we can teach him when his brothers there. Did Dad have any investigators whose brothers or sisters that are members insisted on being present when they were taught, even though they live in a different city? Technically Detroit is in a different country too, but everyone here seems to go back and forth like they aren't.
 The Ward Mission leader here is pretty great. His names Brother Ianni and he is so willing to help us. He keeps records of everyone were teaching, both Investigators and Less-Actives, and asks us how were doing and what the next step is during Ward Coordination every week.
 I'm learning so much here. We were able to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on saturday. Elder Gedlaman and Elder de Moura know so much. I'm going to miss Elder de Moura, he goes home at the end of this Transfer.
 I'll send any more pictures I take. Did you get the ones I sent this week? I know I'll have to take some if we get sushi again though. We got some a couple weeks ago on P-Day, but I forgot my camera so I couldn't take any pictures. Sushi is really good!
 I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well. Have fun at home!
Elder Benjamin Warner

April 30, 2013

Dear Mom, 
I know you're probably worried because I didn't email yesterday. Sorry, I forgot to tell you we had a mission conference so they moved p-day to today. It was a fantastic week! We hit our standards of excellence, which is 2 Progressing Investigators, 2 With a Baptismal Date, 4 Member Present Lessons, 2 Investigators at Sacrament Meeting, and 2 New Investigators. We're planning our days better and getting better at contacting so everything is going right for now. 
We do have a couple investigators who are struggling though. There's a couple that Elder Smith has been working with for months who finally said they'd make it to church this week and then didn't come because it rained. :\ I don't get why rain would stop them, but whatever I guess. 
We did finally get a Referral from HQ this week though. He's this awesome 70ish man whose brother is a convert and wants him to convert as well. He already knows pretty much everything, but we can't get a full lesson in until May 13th which is in the middle of a P-Day as well. Hopefully we can figure everything out though. 
Its hard working through members though. They are all nice and willing to help, but they don't bring friends to meet with us on Sport's Night or give us referrals when we ask who they know that would benefit from the gospel. We did get some tips on getting referrals at the mission conference though. Elder Paul V. Johnson of the First Quorum of the Seventy is touring the mission and spoke to us all at the conference. That was really cool :D
How is everything going at home? Anything exciting happening?
Elder Benjamin Warner

I believe my shoes are size 10 1/2. I've emailed Chaun, Melanie, and Joel, and some friends I made in the MTC but no one else has emailed me. Just don't forget to post the blog on my FB so my other friends can see it if they want. I'm okay with you posting the emails. Get Drew to exercise with you. I already told him, but I'm regretting not exercising regularly before I got here. I think that might work with the stamps, I'm going to send you a cool stamp holder I found last week when I get a chance. They gave me a whole roll of stamps instead of the book I asked for though since I bought them at the same time. So I already have 50 stamps, Elder Smith keeps saying I won't have to get any for the rest of my mission. 

April 21, 2013

  I'm not sure what I want for my birthday. I guess do you know
anywhere you could get some nice slip-on shoes? Most people here ask
us to take our shoes off at the door when we enter and my left shoe
refuses to slip-on easily when we leave. OH! and maybe some caffiene
free Dr.Pepper or something? They don't sell any caffiene free stuff
here, and we try to avoid caffiene because so many members think its
part of the WoW. I need to study that more I guess, I don't think I
know where they're getting that part from.
  Its ok if theres no camera cord, Elder Smith needs to go to the post
office soon anyways and I'll be able to buy stamps. Last P-day they
forgot to tell me that Walmart has instant photo booths that i can
plug my sd card into. So I can just send some hard copies. I actually
found an empty photo album someone left in the apartment and I'm
putting some pictures in that too.
  I'm not completly sure I know what a normal Sunday is on a mission
yet, we had fast sunday and General Conference in the MTC, and then
last week was Stake Conference here. This week was normal I think
though. We met with the ward council and talked about Less-Actives,
Recent Converts, Investigators, and Part-Member families we visit or
they want us to visit. Then we have sacrament, no investigators came
this week D: After sacrament we go to the Gospel Principles class with
the RCs and Investigators that (hopefully) come.
  Me and Elder Smith usually have 2 or 3 dinner appointments a week,
which we think is great. The ward here thinks they need to give us
more, but most of the other members are in the Windsor South
missionaries area. They're trying to get us more, but I'm afraid I'm
not gonna fit in my suit if we do. Even with several days where we
don't use the bus all day and just walk, my pinstriped suit is
starting to feel a little tight.
  My companion is actually the District Leader, so I've already  been
able to go on exchanges with a couple other missionaries in the
district. I worked in Leamington for a day, which was kinda fun I
guess, but none of their current investigators speak English very
well. I kinda just ended up listening the Elder Badillo teach them in
spanish. The next exchange went better. I got to work in my area with
Elder Perrett. He taught me how to tract and street contact better. I
think there's a few more exchanges coming up soon, and then of course
with the Zone Leaders as well.
  As for how my area is doing, its kinda slow right now. We've only
been teaching a few people. Most of our investigators are university
students and it's exam season. The three we've been teaching otherwise
are all really different. Kelsey is the friend of a RC and we think
she might be dropping us. Raheem was going to come to Stake Conference
and then when his ride slept in noone has heard from him. Linda is
doing great though! She's going to get married to the Less-Active
she's been living with and they are trying to come to church. In our
next lesson we're hoping to give her a baptismal date in mid-May.
  I won't be able to send that book for Drew like I thought though.
Apparently packages here cost $30+ to send so I don't think I can do
that. I'm glad to hear everything is going well :D I can't wait for
the Pictures.
Elder Benjamin Warner

April 15, 2013

Hello Everyone! 
The mission field is great! I'm serving in the Windsor North area, or more correctly, the Downtown Windsor. Because we're in downtown Windsor we actually get to use the bus system. Bus Contacting is scary. Tell Mike that Detroit looks great! We can see it from the window of our apartment. Elder Smith is awesome, I'm his third trainee and his second in this area. So far I haven't needed boots, the weather is pretty mild in Windsor. I did need a coat, but on monday when we were interviewed by President Scott I asked about them and he gave me an extra one that somebody left! I'm not sure when I'll get stamps to send packages, but apparently American stamps don't work here? So I'll send you some Canadian stamps whenever I get them. The hardest part of the MTC was getting used to how they teach. A big part of teaching there is by making us do roleplays, which while Drew likes to do, I've never seen the point so it was hard to get used to. Chris sent me an email, but I haven't had the chance to look at it yet. I was actually going to tell you that I thought I had left my smaller SD card at home, I thought it was in my camera and then I had to put the other one in when I started taking pictures. Do you have any camera cords for mine, I didn't think we had any so I didn't bring them, but it'll take a while to fill up this SD card I have. They had a lot of soda at the MTC and you remember those Sobe drinks? They had them too, but they forgot to see whether they had caffiene or not so if we were really tired we grabbed some of those while we were there. Did you know the MTC bookstore does free engraving the First time a missionary brings anything to them? I got my journal and another one I bought there engraved. I didn't know that the Mission President sent the pictures, thats pretty cool! OH! Tell Grandma that everyone loves the Tie Clip :D It's actually started a few conversations, although I don't wear it much because I don't want to lose it.

Elder Benjamin Warner

Letter from Mission President on April 10, 2013, the day Ben arrived at the Mission Home in Toronto

197 County Court Blvd Ste #203
Brampton, ON
L6W 4P6

Phone: 905-452-7484

10 April 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Warner
5565 Cora Way
Taylorsville, UT 84129

Dear Brother and Sister Warner,

We are grateful to receive your son, Elder Benjamin Warner as a new missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission.  We are including a picture that we took with him at the mission home when he arrived.  His testimony and enthusiasm for the work are evident.  As his mission president and wife, we thank you for the sacrifice that was made to prepare him to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  As parents who have sent children on missions, we recognize the feelings involved in sending a son or daughter on a full-time mission for the Lord.

A dedicated service to the Lord brings many blessings to many people.  As a full-time servant of the Lord, Elder Warner will be blessed with a greater knowledge of the gospel, as well as a stronger testimony.  He will touch the hearts of many people, and those whom he will teach will be able to change their lives as they receive the peace and knowledge that comes through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost.  King Mosiah related the comforting message from the Lord that he received when he inquired about sending his sons into the service of the Lord: “Let them go up, for many shall believe on their words, and they shall have eternal life.” (Mosiah 28:7).  The Lord relates in Doctrine and Covenants 84:80-85 that His Elders and Sisters will be taken care of well.  It requires a lot of faith, but we know that the Lord is watching over us all.

After prayerful consideration, Elder Easton Smith, one of the outstanding missionaries in the mission has been called to be your son’s first companion and trainer.  Elder Warner’s current address is:

3701 Riverside Drive East #202W
Windsor, ON
N8Y 4W5

We are sure that Elder Warner will love his mission as he stays dedicated and focused on the Lord’s work.  We promise to love and care for him.  We testify of the truthfulness of this marvellous work of bringing souls to a knowledge of the Savior.

Serving a full time mission can be the most significant and rewarding experience in a young person’s life.  It is rigorous and challenging and requires great spiritual focus.  Successful and happy missionaries abide by a strict code of conduct and obedience.  Thank you for supporting and sustaining your missionary in this great work.

Once again, we thank you for the faith you have shown to the Lord and the sacrifices that you are making.  We feel it a great privilege and responsibility to care for your missionary while he serves the Lord and pray daily for his happiness, well being, and success.

With love and gratitude,
Scott Sig.jpg
Brent L. Scott


 Elder Warner entering the Mission Home for the first time.
 Elder Smith & Elder Warner (Ben's first companion)
 Sister Anne Scott, Elder Benjamin Warner, President Brent Scott
New Elders & Sisters with their companions and the Mission President & Mission Mom

April 4, 2013 Letter from the MTC

 Hey Mom :D
The MTC is great. You're friend saw us as we were checking in, she was one of the people giving us our dorm numbers and keys. I've seen Chris a couple times but we couldn't talk for long. He did give me a letter that you sent to his box and put my name on though. Tell Drew that Bullfrog, or I guess I have to call him Elder Romney now, from Camp Tracy is here. I saw him yesterday, he's headed out to Russia in 2 weeks. They told us the MTC is currently at full capacity which is between 3000 and 3500 missionaries although they are gearing up for alot more in about month. They think they'll be able to fit about 7000 at that time. Because of this they've added a ton of Branches and Zones so theres only 2 Districts in each Zone instead of the usual four. 
The Branch Presidency and some of our teachers told us that they've changed a few rules but haven't been able to print a new handbook yet. One of the Rules is that we can now e-mail friends. Although could you send me Melanie and Chaun's addresses anyways? I've wrote them some letters before we were told that but I realized I don't know what their actual addresses or anything are. I'm also not sure if It's just the MTC being safe but the mailbox here says we need 3 stamps on any letter were sending foreign, but one of my companions swears that he only needed two a month ago. 
We hear from so many speakers here, Sheri Dew and Bishop Causse on Sunday, a recording of Uchtdorf's talk 'A Missionaries Call' on Sunday Night, and We had a devotional two days ago where Elder Ringwood of the Seventy spoke. I've heard alot of things that are awesome and some scary, but I think the one that fits both of those best is that Missionaries are Special Witnesses of Christ, because we are called by Apostles. I think this is an awesome responsibility because I was taught in Seminary that Apostles are Special Witnesses because they have seen Christ or will. How can I live up to that standard? I'm not yet sure myself but I'm willing to try my hardest. 
I gotta go now, the other Elders want to go do laundry.
Love from, 
Elder Benjamin Warner

I forgot to tell you when my flight is. I haven't checked to see if it says when the plane actually leaves, but we leave the MTC at 3:00 AM on Monday the 8th of April, so I bet our flights at 5 or 6. We have a layover in Dallas Texas too, but I doubt we'll be allowed to call twice. If you don't answere the home phone I'll try one of your cells. Love, Elder Benjamin Warner.

Toronto Canada, Here We Come!

This is a blog for Elder Benjamin Warner, who is serving a mission for the LDS Church in the Canada, Toronto Mission.  Elder Warner entered the MTC on March 27, 2013.  I will be posting his letters and pictures from his mission here for you all to keep up with him.