Monday, July 1, 2013

June 24, 2013

 First off, I hope you all watched the Work of Salvation broadcast yesterday. If you didn't, it's on already and you NEED to watch it. Drew, that goes for you too, yes I know its two hours, but its amazing and it'll help you prepare for your own mission. We don't yet have everything they said they will phase in, but this mission is one of the first to get new technology (such as TIWI D: ) so we'll probably get them here pretty soon. We're all pretty excited.
I'm so glad that they told us tracting is ineffective, we've been trying to tell our Ward Council here that, but they are almost all converts who were found by tracting. So they didn't believe us, now they do.
 Mom, can you send me Chris' letters? I've been re-reading the mission rules and I don't think I'm supposed to be checking the blog even though it is just his letters. I asked him a few weeks ago to send them to me, but he hasn't yet. Also I know you said JJ wants to hear from us, but I don't know his email, could you send it to me? Also, it sounded like something was up with him.  Are things ok?
 I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Marvin. I'm sure that Aunt Dee will understand and know you're there in spirit though.  I'm so glad to know that Families are Forever though, it does help so much when we recognize that. That was fast though.  I hope he did not suffer too much.  Is Tina doing ok?
 Dad, I'm sorry I can't say I remember much of the layout myself of that Scout Camp. Do you know why there's so many changes though? It seems a little strange to change it so suddenly.
 I'm still riding a bike (and no, it never stops hurting) but not so much the bus. If I'm still here next Monday I don't think I'll buy a bus pass for next month, we don't use them enough. We might still buy bus tickets though. Biking is getting easier, but we have horrible bikes so that's probably why its still hard. Elder Dewey and I are getting good at fixing bikes though.
 We're also finally seeing progress for Khosi. We got some of the YSA to invite his sister to sports night, and they went above and beyond. She wants to come to church as well now. Its awesome how we started to focus on working through members and then the broadcast came the next Sunday. Must be inspired ;)
 We've also been trying to find ways to use family history. We haven't heard back yet, but someone is re-making an old card that missionaries used to give members so they could invite people to do family history and learn why we do it.
Elder B. Warner

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