Monday, July 1, 2013

June 9, 2013

Hello Everyone!
 Dad, thanks for the advice! We'll see what we can do, we think we know the specific concern of this LA now. We just don't know how to adress it. We we're able to go over the Baptismal Interview Questions with her son Khosi though. So he could be part of the June Harvest! Windsor North reaps two!
 I can't remember if I've mentioned the Harvest before. Every year in June President Scott sets a goal for how many baptisms we can get that month, this year its 60 as a mission. We're hoping to hit 14 as a zone, 1 for each area. We think he does it in June because that's his birthday. And the best Missionary Present is a Baptism (or a tie).
 We love the ward here, and we think we've finally earned their trust. Bishop Konopaski asked us to participate in ward council more and to assign people to work with us if we needed to. We also have found two Part-Member Families that moved in and never changed their records. One of them wants us to come over for dinner on Wednesday! Things are looking up!
 Sorry I'm sending this so late, but we've got Zone Conference in Kitchener tomorrow so we had to come to London today and the computers weren't working. London reminds me so much of home, there's about 5 wards and 1 Branch here and 6 companinonships. Our District has 2 Branches, 1 Ward and 4 companionships each in a different city, so its a little different here.
 Because we ride the buses in our area and we're in London today, I haven't been able to pick up the package yet, I'm hoping to get home from Zone Conference early enough tomorrow to get it, but Kitchener is pretty far away. I'm sending a snail-mail letter later this week though, so I'll tell you if I've got it when I send that.
Elder B. Warner

Note:  The snail mail was not really a letter so I did not post it.  It was a drawing of Nephi that I will try to figure out how to scan and post later.

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