Monday, July 1, 2013

June 3, 2013

Hello Everyone!
 Dad, Borg? You said getting your implant (ICD / Pacemaker) makes you the Borg? Why can't we just be normal cyborgs? Aren't the Borg evil, or am I lacking in Star Trek knowledge? We are teaching about 6 people, although only 2 very often. One of the people we were teaching doesn't want to meet with us because Elder Smith and I didn't tell him our first names when we met a few weeks ago... I'm really unsure how to solve his concern, but we'll be on exchanges tomorrow and Elders Dewey and Badillo are going to stop by, so maybe we'll start teaching him again. Do you how to motivate Less-Actives? We have one Sister whose son isn't baptized because she doesn't wake up in time for church. The son has been taught all the lessons about 4 times in two years, but they never quite make it to church.
 I spoke too soon when I said it was warmer. Do you remember the saying "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." Its true here, it will pour for about five minutes, then be so bright you can't see, and then the humidity makes it so hot. But we've learned to keep an umbrella with us all the time so we don't get soaked. Our bikes are slowly getting better, we've heard that after a month you can't feel it anymore so we've got about a week and a half left until that point.
 I'm glad they figured it out with UPS, I got a call earlier this week asking for someone who could authorize a package for customs, maybe that's why you got an e-mail. I'll tell you if I hear anything else though.
The most interesting thing happened this week. We found a part-member family that the ward didn't know about! We were also able to take a few more members teaching with us than normal, including a less active member. It's so exciting to see more and more of the LAs come back to the ward. Now we just hope President Sandor's talk was able to motivate more people.
Dad, did you work with ward missionaries much on your mission? How did you use them? We're trying to find ways to help them, but we don't have a whole lot right now.
Benjamin Warner

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