Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

 Me and Elder Dewey get along great! His Dad is actually an artist for the church so we talk about art a lot. He was training Elder Harr's for the first half of last transfer and then Elder Harr's went home, so he served with the Zone Leaders for the rest of the transfer. My second MTC companion, Elder Karl, is still in the mission though so that is good. Technically I'm still in training, but since both of my companions have been District Leaders I have to do a lot of planning on my own, So I feel like I'm not a trainee anymore.
 That's so cool that Chris gets to go to the temple. Do you know how often he'll get that chance? We only get to twice a year, if we're within an hour of the Brampton temple at the time. I really wish we had the chance more often here, it would help having so much time to feel the spirit of the temple.
That is neat that Brother and Sister Tolman are home.  We love the office missionaries, they're pretty much our parents while we're out here. Although not having a car area, we don't hear from them much. They did call us instead of Windsor South once and told us to get an oil change. It was funny when they realized they called us instead. Elder Ree's said that we didn't actually need to change the oil on our bus. And here I thought it was a great service opportunity.
 I'm glad to know that Dad's doing better, is there really no one else who can work on the pump though? It sounds like Dad though thinking he can do everything himself.   Tell Drew Happy Birthday for me, I can't remember if I did last week.  I know you will laugh, but I actually really miss Drew.  Engineering State sounds fun, tell him to buy the 2.5 gallons of Aggie Blue Mint Ice Cream for me! The Tradition must go on!  Has he finished his Eagle yet? He just had the project to do right? Sounds like he might have to get a new project if that lady keeps putting it off.  That would be frustrating.
 Tell everyone hello for me today at the BBQ. I wish we could have BBQ's here, but it probably wouldn't be safe in an apartment. We always have perogies though...Speaking of food, what do you do with corned beef?  I know you cooked it, but I honestly can't say I remember how or what you did with it. We found some in our freezer, but we have no idea what to do with it.
 Send me pictures! 
Elder Benjamin Warner

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