Saturday, May 11, 2013

April 21, 2013

  I'm not sure what I want for my birthday. I guess do you know
anywhere you could get some nice slip-on shoes? Most people here ask
us to take our shoes off at the door when we enter and my left shoe
refuses to slip-on easily when we leave. OH! and maybe some caffiene
free Dr.Pepper or something? They don't sell any caffiene free stuff
here, and we try to avoid caffiene because so many members think its
part of the WoW. I need to study that more I guess, I don't think I
know where they're getting that part from.
  Its ok if theres no camera cord, Elder Smith needs to go to the post
office soon anyways and I'll be able to buy stamps. Last P-day they
forgot to tell me that Walmart has instant photo booths that i can
plug my sd card into. So I can just send some hard copies. I actually
found an empty photo album someone left in the apartment and I'm
putting some pictures in that too.
  I'm not completly sure I know what a normal Sunday is on a mission
yet, we had fast sunday and General Conference in the MTC, and then
last week was Stake Conference here. This week was normal I think
though. We met with the ward council and talked about Less-Actives,
Recent Converts, Investigators, and Part-Member families we visit or
they want us to visit. Then we have sacrament, no investigators came
this week D: After sacrament we go to the Gospel Principles class with
the RCs and Investigators that (hopefully) come.
  Me and Elder Smith usually have 2 or 3 dinner appointments a week,
which we think is great. The ward here thinks they need to give us
more, but most of the other members are in the Windsor South
missionaries area. They're trying to get us more, but I'm afraid I'm
not gonna fit in my suit if we do. Even with several days where we
don't use the bus all day and just walk, my pinstriped suit is
starting to feel a little tight.
  My companion is actually the District Leader, so I've already  been
able to go on exchanges with a couple other missionaries in the
district. I worked in Leamington for a day, which was kinda fun I
guess, but none of their current investigators speak English very
well. I kinda just ended up listening the Elder Badillo teach them in
spanish. The next exchange went better. I got to work in my area with
Elder Perrett. He taught me how to tract and street contact better. I
think there's a few more exchanges coming up soon, and then of course
with the Zone Leaders as well.
  As for how my area is doing, its kinda slow right now. We've only
been teaching a few people. Most of our investigators are university
students and it's exam season. The three we've been teaching otherwise
are all really different. Kelsey is the friend of a RC and we think
she might be dropping us. Raheem was going to come to Stake Conference
and then when his ride slept in noone has heard from him. Linda is
doing great though! She's going to get married to the Less-Active
she's been living with and they are trying to come to church. In our
next lesson we're hoping to give her a baptismal date in mid-May.
  I won't be able to send that book for Drew like I thought though.
Apparently packages here cost $30+ to send so I don't think I can do
that. I'm glad to hear everything is going well :D I can't wait for
the Pictures.
Elder Benjamin Warner

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