Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 6, 2013 - A little out of order (sorry)

Hey Dad, 
That's really cool! I think I've heard most of those stories about your parents joining the church before, but I didn't realize they knew about the LDS church before they started going there. I always thought they didn't like the others and hadn't heard of that one. How is Chris doing, he's sent me a few emails, but just a couple lines each.  I was also wondering how much you teach during priesthood? I know there's certain things they want you to teach, but I was wondering if you could read Preach My Gospel chapter 13 and teach that to the young men? It seems like all our leaders and most of General Conference are pushing Member Missionary Work. 
I love it here. I feel like I've already learned so much, but I also know just how much more there is to learn. I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with our zone leaders this week and they know so much. Elder de Moura is going home at the end of the transfer which is sad, I feel like I could learn so much from him, and despite being from Brazil he knows a lot of the games I played at home and played a few of them himself. Elder Gedlaman is still here for a while though. He's a machine. We had a few appointments bomb or go short while he was here so we went street contacting. He talks to literally everyone, even when I told him we'd talked to someone before and they weren't at all interested. He's also go eyes like a hawk, there were about 5 different home we walked past and I didn't notice anyone, but he went right up to the porch and started talking to someone. How he can see that well with the sun in his eyes beats me. 
Elder Benjamin Warner

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