Saturday, May 11, 2013

April 4, 2013 Letter from the MTC

 Hey Mom :D
The MTC is great. You're friend saw us as we were checking in, she was one of the people giving us our dorm numbers and keys. I've seen Chris a couple times but we couldn't talk for long. He did give me a letter that you sent to his box and put my name on though. Tell Drew that Bullfrog, or I guess I have to call him Elder Romney now, from Camp Tracy is here. I saw him yesterday, he's headed out to Russia in 2 weeks. They told us the MTC is currently at full capacity which is between 3000 and 3500 missionaries although they are gearing up for alot more in about month. They think they'll be able to fit about 7000 at that time. Because of this they've added a ton of Branches and Zones so theres only 2 Districts in each Zone instead of the usual four. 
The Branch Presidency and some of our teachers told us that they've changed a few rules but haven't been able to print a new handbook yet. One of the Rules is that we can now e-mail friends. Although could you send me Melanie and Chaun's addresses anyways? I've wrote them some letters before we were told that but I realized I don't know what their actual addresses or anything are. I'm also not sure if It's just the MTC being safe but the mailbox here says we need 3 stamps on any letter were sending foreign, but one of my companions swears that he only needed two a month ago. 
We hear from so many speakers here, Sheri Dew and Bishop Causse on Sunday, a recording of Uchtdorf's talk 'A Missionaries Call' on Sunday Night, and We had a devotional two days ago where Elder Ringwood of the Seventy spoke. I've heard alot of things that are awesome and some scary, but I think the one that fits both of those best is that Missionaries are Special Witnesses of Christ, because we are called by Apostles. I think this is an awesome responsibility because I was taught in Seminary that Apostles are Special Witnesses because they have seen Christ or will. How can I live up to that standard? I'm not yet sure myself but I'm willing to try my hardest. 
I gotta go now, the other Elders want to go do laundry.
Love from, 
Elder Benjamin Warner

I forgot to tell you when my flight is. I haven't checked to see if it says when the plane actually leaves, but we leave the MTC at 3:00 AM on Monday the 8th of April, so I bet our flights at 5 or 6. We have a layover in Dallas Texas too, but I doubt we'll be allowed to call twice. If you don't answere the home phone I'll try one of your cells. Love, Elder Benjamin Warner.

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