Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hey Mom,
 First off, we apparently don't have p-day until wednesday next week because of a canadian holiday and transfers. So don't worry when you don't get anything until then.
 It was good to hear how everyone at home was doing, everyone mostly just asks me questions instead of saying how their doing in their emails. I guess I say more in emails and letters because I have more time to think about what I'm saying and remember what else I need to say. Like I forgot to tell you yesterday that the Golden Investigator we lost, he had already moved into the other area anyways. Also, could you ask Drew what 'Repent and Do Better' would be in Latin? We came up with a Windsor Missionary Coat of Arms and wanted to put it on there.
 As for Drew and Cheyne, I think they'll be ok. Cheyne seems smart and understanding. I guess just help him stay away from bad situations. But I also won't tell Drew about the missionaries whose girlfriends have converted while they're gone, just in case.
 Less-Actives can go both ways, it usually just depends on why they don't come to church. We actually visited some yesterday who just didn't like some of the people in the ward and now that they know there's a lot of newer people they said they'd come back. Another family we've visited just needs to be visited during the week and they show up that week, we're trying to find a way to get them to come all the time though. The hardest person to work with so far is Wayne-Alexander. He's the one I mentioned that was supposed to leave on a mission. His main problem is that he feels like he can't give 100% so its not worth giving any. He wants to, but he feels like he can't. I think I'm going to talk to Elder Smith and see if he knows any good missionary stories that could help motivate Wayne, but other than visiting him a couple times a week, we don't know how to help him.
 We can read the Ensign and other talks, but I think the only actual books are the ones in the Missionary Library and the Priesthood manuals for church. The only talk I know for sure I want is Character of Christ, but it sounds like we can't get that one so I'll tell you any more I think of later.
 I think telling Chris to send longer letters worked, he sent me a whole paragraph today. ;) Can you send me a link to the blog so I can read Chris emails? 
Elder Benjamin Warner.

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