Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013

Hello :D
First off, I'm still in the same area! But my companion, Elder Smith, was transferred to the Don Mills South Area. So my follow-up trainer is Elder Cameron Dewey. He was actually training my MTC companion that went home last transfer. He's originally from London, England and his family moved to Alberta, Canada a few years ago. He's pretty awesome and his Dad has done alot of artwork for the church so we have alot to talk about. It's amazing how working with someone fresh to the area is though. We already have 2 new investigators this week, 2 member presents, and a Referral Present Lesson, and its only been two days! Our new investigators are both pretty cool. Khosi is 9 years old, his mother Sibo moved to Canada from Zimbabwe and was baptized in 2006. We don't know why she's not coming to church yet, but she says she wants to come. We tried to set Khosi with a baptismal date, or at least a goal to shoot for, yesterday but she wouldn't let us yet. We don't know too much about our other new investigator other than she's friends with one of the Less-Actives were working with.
About 90% of the mission was transferred this time, which doesn't happen often. We only have 3 members of my original district here and only 2 of us stayed in the same area. District Meeting is going to be so weird this week. One of our Zone Leaders just finished his last transfer as well, so he's going back to Brazil this week. 
Speaking of hard talks to find, do you know any by the 'Swearing Apostle' J. Golden Kimball? One of the Elders managed to get a recording of one somehow and its apparently pretty awesome. Other than that any talks you find on the lessons in Preach My Gospel would be appreciated, I'm trying to learn as much about every one of them as I can, but lesson 4 has such short sections. Actually do you know any talks that talk about the importance of setting goals?
I'll be praying for you Dad, I love you and I know that the Lord loves you as well. Happy Birthday Drew, how does it feel to be 17 finally? Don't worry, you'll be here in Toronto soon enough ;) Chris got some knives? That's awesome! Elder Smith said he's going to send me his when he 'dies' so I can use it as my letter opener.
Thanks Mom :) I'm sure its a great present. Skittle Tithing sounds fun, maybe I'll use it when we teach Khosi about tithing. Tell Kenzie and Jordan congratulations! 
Elder Benjamin Warner

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