Saturday, May 11, 2013

April 30, 2013

Dear Mom, 
I know you're probably worried because I didn't email yesterday. Sorry, I forgot to tell you we had a mission conference so they moved p-day to today. It was a fantastic week! We hit our standards of excellence, which is 2 Progressing Investigators, 2 With a Baptismal Date, 4 Member Present Lessons, 2 Investigators at Sacrament Meeting, and 2 New Investigators. We're planning our days better and getting better at contacting so everything is going right for now. 
We do have a couple investigators who are struggling though. There's a couple that Elder Smith has been working with for months who finally said they'd make it to church this week and then didn't come because it rained. :\ I don't get why rain would stop them, but whatever I guess. 
We did finally get a Referral from HQ this week though. He's this awesome 70ish man whose brother is a convert and wants him to convert as well. He already knows pretty much everything, but we can't get a full lesson in until May 13th which is in the middle of a P-Day as well. Hopefully we can figure everything out though. 
Its hard working through members though. They are all nice and willing to help, but they don't bring friends to meet with us on Sport's Night or give us referrals when we ask who they know that would benefit from the gospel. We did get some tips on getting referrals at the mission conference though. Elder Paul V. Johnson of the First Quorum of the Seventy is touring the mission and spoke to us all at the conference. That was really cool :D
How is everything going at home? Anything exciting happening?
Elder Benjamin Warner

I believe my shoes are size 10 1/2. I've emailed Chaun, Melanie, and Joel, and some friends I made in the MTC but no one else has emailed me. Just don't forget to post the blog on my FB so my other friends can see it if they want. I'm okay with you posting the emails. Get Drew to exercise with you. I already told him, but I'm regretting not exercising regularly before I got here. I think that might work with the stamps, I'm going to send you a cool stamp holder I found last week when I get a chance. They gave me a whole roll of stamps instead of the book I asked for though since I bought them at the same time. So I already have 50 stamps, Elder Smith keeps saying I won't have to get any for the rest of my mission. 

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