Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hey Mom :D,
 First off, Elder Smith's Mom asked for your number. She likes talking to his companions families apparently. I told him the Home Phone #, so expect a call from Orem I guess?
 I think you spelled it right. Why is the 4th day of a month that always works in a sentence? March Fourth (March Forth!) and May the 4th be with you :D Don't be surprised that you can't drag him away from Skyrim. You remember how much the games I play have side-quests? Skyrim practically is side-quests and I think they're still updating it with more. You may have to hide the laptop cords to get him to do anything else.
 I haven't received any letters or packages yet actually, not even at zone mail when we get anything sent to the mission office. Are you using international stamps? I had to get special ones to send you letters. I think the MTC said foreign mail takes 3 stamps if you use regular ones though. If you send anything this week or next send it to the mission office, transfers are coming up and there's always a chance, however small, that I get sent to a different area to finish my training. I also have a few things I think you should look up in regards to missionary work. When you get a chance you should read Preach My Gospel chapter 13, its all about member missionary work. And last but not least there's a talk I would like you to look up. I think it is called Bill Carpenter Conversion Story. It's awesome, especially near the end when he talks about one of his investigators Patriarchal Blessing.
 I think I heard they were engaged before I left, if not it was at least assumed they would be soon. I don't really know either of them that well, but its definitely not a couple I would have guessed when I knew either of them.
 For mothers day we should actually be able to Skype. You need to create two Skype accounts, one for you and one for me. I will be able to call for 5 minutes on Saturday to find out the Username and password for mine and set up what time we'll be Skyping on Sunday. I'll try to remember that I'm a couple hours ahead here. We already know which members house we're going to, we just don't have a definite time yet.
 In mission news, my area actually shifted over a few streets on Saturday. The members in our ward don't think they feed us enough and complained to President Scott. I'm not sure how I feel about that, especially since we lost a Golden investigator and our chance to hit the Standards of Excellence this week because of it. I guess it gives Windsor South a chance to do better though.
 Church was pretty great yesterday. We have an investigator named Linda, who Elder Smith has been working with since December. She and Her soon-to-be-Husband FINALLY came to church this week. She said she liked it and will be coming back, I just hope that if Mark doesn't want to come she will anyways. He's been a member forever but he's less-active and sort of bi-polar when it comes to the church. I read his teaching record from 2008 and 2010 (Yes he has two, there's a long story there. Short version is someone didn't check records and he's been taught and baptized twice) He seems to do well and then see something on TV that just shatters his testimony and then he stops coming. Missionaries stop by a few months later and he's ready to come and learn again. And the cycle repeats. I hope when Linda is baptized she'll be a support for him to come back and gain a stronger testimony. 
 Our other investigators are doing ok. Valerie has been progressing, but she decided she had something more important than church this week. And when we last taught her, it seems like she doesn't understand Priesthood Authority and that she needs to be baptized by someone with that instead of any random church's priest. We're hoping to meet with Wayne this week, but we probably have to cut next weeks p-day short so we can teach him when his brothers there. Did Dad have any investigators whose brothers or sisters that are members insisted on being present when they were taught, even though they live in a different city? Technically Detroit is in a different country too, but everyone here seems to go back and forth like they aren't.
 The Ward Mission leader here is pretty great. His names Brother Ianni and he is so willing to help us. He keeps records of everyone were teaching, both Investigators and Less-Actives, and asks us how were doing and what the next step is during Ward Coordination every week.
 I'm learning so much here. We were able to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on saturday. Elder Gedlaman and Elder de Moura know so much. I'm going to miss Elder de Moura, he goes home at the end of this Transfer.
 I'll send any more pictures I take. Did you get the ones I sent this week? I know I'll have to take some if we get sushi again though. We got some a couple weeks ago on P-Day, but I forgot my camera so I couldn't take any pictures. Sushi is really good!
 I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well. Have fun at home!
Elder Benjamin Warner

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